• Android Application Development

    Android OS has become a must for everyone’s life. As a result the field of application development for Android is quite large. With the knowledge of android application development anyone can earn at a fast rate.  This course will guide students to learn basic and some hardcore application development skills to become successful in the field of android development.

    • Objectives

      At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

      • Have a knowledge regarding the Android application fields,
      • How to create a successful android application,
      • Successfully Resource handling,
      • Deployment of android application in Google play store,
      • Develop skills for large scale works,
    • Topics to be covered






      Introduction to android development

      Informing students about the android development, scopes and current fields.

      Week 1

      Reading suggested articles, notes.

      Lecture notes, question

      Android Environment Setup

      Setup Android SDK for application development, discuss architecture, activity life cycle and successfully build and run first application

      Week 2-3

      Lecture, Lab Work and Assignments

      Lecture notes, question

      Designing Layouts

      Different elements, how and when to use them, how to create different activities to display this layouts and communicate between them.

      Week 3-4

      Homework, Mini-project

      Lecture notes, question

      Test Project

      Create app with material design

      Widgets for cards and lists, custom animations and backward computability issues

      Week 5-6

      Homework, Mini-project

      Lecture notes, question

      Handlingresources while maintaining application flow

      The use of activity life cycle, Service and other essential terms.


      Week 7

      Lecture, Lab, Live Work

      Lecture notes, question

      Web service and app deployment

      How to communicate with server, different adapters and deployment of that application in Google play store


      Week 8

      Homework, Lecture, Live Work

      Lecture notes, question

      Final Project Continues

    • Course requirements

      Student attendance

      All students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, and to read all assigned chapters / materials before coming to class.

      Class Participation & Peer Evaluation

      You Students are expected to participate actively in the class. Your contribution towards your team will be counted too.

    • Textbook / References

      • Android Developers; URL: http://developer.android.com
      • Head First Android Development.(Head First Series)
      • Lynda tutorials.
      • The New Boston; URL: https://www.thenewboston.com/videos.php?cat=6.
      • Other Online Recourses.


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