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At Workspace we offer Dedicated Hosting services, the redundancy of the cloud with the security and high-performance benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting. Our cloud server, dedicated solely to your purpose with uncontended resources and the high availability and redundancy that our enterprise-grade cloud hosting platform provides. Unlike other cloud solutions available on the market – our packages include Unlimited Bandwidth and our prices are fixed. There are no surprise costs or overages at the end of the month! If you are looking for a true single-tenant; modern dedicated hosting solution; our Dedicated Cloud Hosting is a perfect choice. Our Dedicated Cloud packages are a unique solution which offers the redundancy of a public cloud, with the performance and security benefits of a dedicated server, providing you with the best of both worlds. Each instance is a fully isolated single-tenant cloud server. You have 100% of the resources available to you, 100% of the time with no noisy neighbors eating into your allocation. Excellent for demanding workloads and high-performance tasks. Our flexible solutions allow you to customize your server configuration entirely and can be upgraded at the drop of a hat. You can tailor your server configuration to ensure you are only paying for the resources you need. Making it a lower cost option which you can upgrade in future as your requirements change. If you have any questions regarding our Dedicated Cloud packages, please get in touch with our sales team who are always happy to help!


Dedicated Cloud Features

Deploy super-fast cloud instances; designed with high performance and security in mind.

Ultra-High Performance

Our dedicated cloud platform provides dedicated resources; ensuring higher performance at optimal capacity.

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Full Root Access

You have complete control over your infrastructure; including root-level access to administer and manage your cloud.

Fast & Easy Provisioning

Our in-house experts will typically configure, secure and deploy your dedicated cloud solution within 3 business days.


Uncontended Resources

100% scalable to meet your requirements; with no noisy-neighbors. Your server resources are dedicated solely to you.

Uncontended Resources

100% scalable to meet your requirements; with no noisy-neighbors. Your server resources are dedicated solely to you.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our Dedicated Cloud plans include Unlimited Bandwidth with fast transfer speeds; there are no overages or hidden costs.


Management & Support

Our professional support services are provided as standard. All cloud servers are managed and maintained by our Australia based support team.

Daily Snapshots

We create daily snapshots (backups) of your instances; stored at an off-site location for disaster-recovery; at no additional cost to you.

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100% Network Uptime

We accomplish a consistent 100% network uptime through the use of multi-routed transit providers and our enterprise cloud platform.

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